Our Story

Flying HeARTz began on a wing and a dream during a meditation, born of my deep desire to marry my different interests into a cohesive whole with a message that others could resonate with. Originally, I started the concept as a Meetup Group called Flying HeARTz with a more creative and artistic focus. I still bring these into my journey because Art is a core part of my life, but Art for me encompasses more than what we view in society as Fine Arts. Healing is an Art. Mysticism is an Art. Shamanism is an Art. None of these can be quantified or qualified by the same measurements by every person. That is the Beauty in Art. No two individuals will ever see or feel the same things and the only thing you need to experience an Art is Love.

Our Approach

Art is at the centre of all our hearts. As human beings though we may disagree on what is good or bad art, it is undeniable the we heal and feel peace at some fundamental level through art and creative endeavors. I hope to use my own experiences with fine arts, healing arts and more to be a bridge helping others find the healing within to fly high from the heart.

I am just an ordinary person with an insatiable thirst and curiosity for all things in life and wish to share that with kindred spirits who might equally enjoy forming deep bonds along the way. Loving yourself means partaking in that which is for your highest good and only your highest good. My one mission is that everyone who finds his or her way to me can walk away with something new they learned about themselves or discover the healing ever-present and available within his or her heart.

About Me

I offer my best to each person who comes to me and I hope to do the same for you!



Sabrina Walker

Founder & CEO

Beginning her journey towards holistic health began as a child with values of natural healing over western medicine. She continues her path as a healer through Reiki and Shamanism while endeavouring to become certified in Art Therapy as well.


Ready to Fly?

Depending on the service you require, please submit your request. Some services may require a photo and phone number so we can provide you the best healing and guidance possible.