Holistic Healing for Flying Hearts!

It does not matter where you live or your beliefs, healing yourself and your heart through holistic methods and finding the inner guidance of your own wisdom will lead you to your most fulfilled and passionate life ever. Living free and flying high is our goal and wish for everyone who comes to us.

We are infinite souls living a human existence to learn, grow and expand. It is not enough to feed one aspect of ourselves whether it be mind, body or spirit. All three must be nourished and in alignment to find our purpose and honor our deepest, core selves. Walk with us on this journey and you may yet again believe in miracles and magic like a wondrous child.

We are dedicated to helping those who find and seek us to FLY free and live heart-centered lives by offering Reiki Energy Healing (distance and in-person if local), Guided Meditations, Spiritual Coaching, Tarot/Oracle Card Reading Guidance and Essential Oil Education.

Reiki Healing – Distance

Reiki is an energy healing modality from Japan that utilizes the abundant universal energy all around us. Whether in person or at a distance, Reiki healing can calm the mind, emotions, body and spirit towards wholeness.

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Guided Meditations

Meditating is incredibly beneficial to everyday health and move through life with greater grace and ease. Take a deep breath and allow meditation to heal your mind and body towards full wellness of heart and spirit.

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Tarot / Oracle Readings & Guidance

Having a reading can be a wonderful way to receive guidance in your life. Tarot and Oracle cards are tools only. They are prescriptive, not predictive, advice or suggestions without expectations beyond what we choose to accept with our free will.

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Ready to Fly?

Depending on the service you require, please submit your request. Some services may require a photo and phone number so we can provide you the best healing and guidance possible.